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October 12, 2011 / Siobhan Argent

BULLET – A Superhero Comedy

Published October 2011 at Arts Hub

Following in the footsteps of various superheroes of the past, BULLET: A Superhero Comedy is a live-action radio play that follows the highs and lows of the titular character’s battle against snobbish, outlandish and downright evil supervillains. Writers Simon J. Green and Sean Fabri have a fabulous time warping the classic good-bad dichotomy, complete with excursions into ‘opposite-land’ and character-building twist and turns.

The voice artists themselves displayed an impressive range of accents and an appreciation of the more nonsensical aspects of the play. Evil female supervillain Dostoyana Ursine is, of course, Russian; her second in command ‘The Critic’ understandably British and upper-class. In most other instances such childish caricatures would be instantly grating; in the superhero genre, anything goes and the voices serve as a distinctive aural portrait of the characters’ possible motivations and weaknesses. There are, however, probably one too many American voices; if Bullet is an Australian superhero, why does everyone seem to be straight out of an American film?

Structurally speaking, BULLET is uniformly strong. There’s no chance of the audience losing track due to vague descriptions of scenery or confusing scene changes. The script is so tight and neat that it’s quite difficult to poke holes in pacing or tone.

Sound effects, designed by Risk Sound, were excellent, and bang on cue every time. It’s a solid show with a wide ranging audience; old children could easily enjoy this show as much as adults wearied by uninventive ‘family’ movies.

BULLET – A Superhero Comedy
Written by Simon J. Green and Sean Fabri

Melbourne Fringe Festival
September 21 – October 9


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