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October 3, 2011 / Siobhan Argent

Greg Fleet in ‘Bring It’

 Published October 2011 at Crikey

The Fleetster’s in town for the Fringe. A fan of his appearances on Get This, I had high hopes that Fleet’s Bring It would in fact, have the ‘it’ brought to me on a satiny comedy platter.

I’m not sure, however, that ‘it’ was delivered as advertised. It can be difficult to know for sure when you get twenty minutes of perfectly workable material about what happens during an in-flight disaster (you die, apparently in every conceivable situation, but you may get ‘surprise love’ from some ducks) before the show is disrupted by an unadvertised cut-in comedian called Sam Petersen.

Obviously since Fleet was giving him a mid-show plug I might as well do it here too; Petersen was fine, a 20-year-old making good comedic use of a half-smile facial palsy. He even has his ‘comedy voice’ down pat, that wry style of delivery that you don’t recognise it until you hear it.

The problem is that while Petersen was perfectly good, such a long interruption cuts down the flow of a performance. Not that this show was structured in any way; it was apparent Fleet had done this enough times to pull this off with his eyes closed. He’ll make you laugh, but with the niggling feeling that this material has made several hundred other people laugh and you’re simply another customer watching someone going through the motions.

Fleet’s show is kind of idiosyncratic; if you’re going to Bring It, you probably shouldn’t do the following things:

  • promote another comedian for twenty minutes of your show (fine though he was, but as far as I know he was also unadvertised)
  • hawk your DVD for a further five minutes
  • take a while to warm up into the good jokes for another five, then
  • be quite good for the rest of the show.

I’m not sure Fleet’s Bring It brought all of it, whatever ‘it’ is, but for the sake of old times I would appreciate a satiny kaftan. Please?


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