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May 18, 2011 / Siobhan Argent

Steve-O: The Entirely Too Much Information Tour

Published May 2011 by Beat magazine

The title of the show doesn’t lie – Steve-O really does provide too much information in this part-stand-up, part-stunts show. If I knew any more about the angle and ejaculatory habits of Steve-O’s erect penis, I’d have to be one of the numerous girls he has messed with.

Steve-O doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is fortunate, because neither do we. He’s a member of the Jackass crew, a group famous for asinine stunts that usually involve someone writhing in pain at the end. It’s car-crash viewing – but if you’re watching Jackass, I guess that’s the point.

Steve-O’s idea of ‘dressing up for a big event’ involves cargo pants, a T-shirt that looks like he’s slept in it, and a trucker cap that he turns around on his head like a restless kid banished to the back of the class. The clothes he’s wearing don’t really matter, though, because they just end up smeared with blood. By the end of the night, he’s set his hair on fire and flipped through a ball of flames. You’re likely to impress people when you tell them about it, but when it’s happening live, you kind of wonder why you’re paying seventy bucks for the honour. People in the audience didn’t really seem to care about Steve-O himself – they just wanted to see Jackass. It’s got to suck when all your fans care about is seeing you get hurt, surely?

There are also signs Steve-O hasn’t had much practice in stand up; aside from being noticeably nervous, he doesn’t know how to handle hecklers – in this particular audience, he eventually got the morons to shut up, but found it difficult to get back into the mood of things after he’d had to threaten to boot someone out.

But at the end of the night, after all the injuries, dick jokes and a fair amount of blood, Steve-O stuck around for a picture with every person who wanted one. All 3000 of them. Apart from being a business-savvy strategy, it must mean Steve-O appreciates his audience. Aw, shucks.


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