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April 26, 2011 / Siobhan Argent

Drags Aloud: At The Movies

Published in April 2011 by Beat magazine

There’s nothing more testing to your sense of femininity than to admit that the guy on stage looks better in heels than you do. But it’s hard to begrudge anyone great legs when the dance troupe Drags Aloud can blow your socks off with mini-renditions of all the cinematic classics.

In The Wizard of Oz sequence, Toto is the only character on stage not completely covered in sparkling material. Drags Aloud: At the Movies is saturated with enough sequins to outdo even the best efforts of Dame Edna at a Spotlight sale. So when Jessica James, Amanda Munroe, Kris Del Vayze and the giggly Linda Lamont (with the legs) introduce Mary Poppins, you know you’re going to get classic costumes, drag-queen style.

A highlight of this show was their take on the Muppets; it involves one person dressed head to tie in bright blue elasticised fabric, coloured sponge and rainbow feathers. In many instances the costumes themselves become a dazzling centrepiece to the act, but the facial expressions are the key to pulling the whole scene together and, in the case of their Muppets scene, sending me into fits of giggles.

It’s also worth noting that Drags Aloud don’t actually sing or speak during the show, aside
from the video clips that intersect each costume changeover. Each musical piece is simply mimed. But once you get the concept of their show, it’s easy to sink into the fun of it all and adore Liza Minelli’s ‘Cabaret’, the fabulous twist on Titanic, and other dedications to an era of Hollywood that’s become more past than present tense.

Drags Aloud chew the scenery, but that’s part of what makes it fabulous; there’s a reason they hawk their upbeat review from Joan Rivers so proudly. The costumes, the camp over-acting, even the sometimes-dry video sequences all meld into a show that’s more about wicked fun than real substance. It’s just four guys dancing their way through costume changes and having a ball at the same time. There’s no reason you can’t too.


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