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April 26, 2011 / Siobhan Argent

Barry Morgan’s World of Organs (review)

Published 21/4/11 by Crikey

Barry Morgan has been having a rollicking love affair with the Australian comedy circuit for a few years now, and the mutual adoration doesn’t look like it’s going to die down anytime soon. The packed Sunday-night performance offered an up-close-and-personal account with the beautifully-coiffed man himself, complete with the outrageous sexiness of a polyester safari suit and car-salesman smile.

It’s hard not to imagine Barry Morgan’s alter ego Stephen Treakle practising that trademark cheesy grin for hours in the mirror. He certainly gives it a good run with his audience, and while it’s great for the most part, it could sometimes wear a little thin. Nevertheless, Morgan is a regular crowd favourite at comedy festivals and seems capable of charming anyone with his patented ‘one-finger method’ of organ education (yes, cue the ‘organ’ puns). Morgan is, after all, the most famous organ salesman this side of Sunnyside Mall, an Adelaide shopping centre in which Barry Morgan’s World of Organs is housed.

He may be no car salesman, but Barry Morgan is still hawking his wares with some Playschool-style enthusiasm. The Hammond Aurora Classic, the pride and beauty of Morgan’s retro organ world, almost takes centre stage (it sits slightly to stage right) while Mr. Morgan hawks its wonderful versatility. Watching Barry Morgan play his organ is almost like being stuck in a seventies game show, only with the added joy of a few catchy tunes to bide the time.

Treakle has so heartily honed this character’s repertoire that it’s hard to know where he’ll go next. Barry Morgan is an oddly charming character who can still inspire giggles through cringe humour, particularly when the inevitable play on organs and the ‘one-finger-method’ sail right over the heads of the children in the crowd. Because the odd thing is, this comes across as a family show and all age groups seem to like it. Just don’t ask me how that is.


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