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April 4, 2011 / Siobhan Argent

Imaan – A Little Perspective: Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Published April 2011 by Beat Magazine

Imaan’s show A Little Perspective covers a lifetime of experience living as a very short man. So short that the first word women use to describe him is “cute”, and short enough that people think it’s OK to ask him horribly invasive questions. But don’t worry; for men at least, a swift kick to the nuts usually cures that ailment.

Women come in for a rap a little later, thanks to a plethora of vagina jokes Imaan employs to “even out” the high amount of penis jokes in comedy. It’s probably needless to say that Imaan’s show is not something you take your grandmother to. Don’t even sit next to your parents. In fact any relatives at all are out of the question, because Imaan is hell-bent on demonstrating that he is not at all “cute”, and at points it’s hard to understand why other people would think so.

As he points out himself, he’s hairy enough that he can’t decide whether he needs shampoo or soap for his legs, and his beard would make any teenager with bum-fluff blush with envy. Imaan swigs beer, cracks jokes about long-necked bottles and puffs on an electronic cigarette that has real nicotine but produces “fake smoke”. He’s a natural on-stage, milking up the howling laughter of the audience and moving swiftly on from a discussion about political correctness to jokes about the advantages of being “height deficient”. He’s even an “un-arrestable” member of the public (since the handcuffs don’t fit tight enough around his wrists).

The undoubted genius of his show, however, are the hidden-camera video clips with genuine “f***wit” (as he calls them) members of the public. The drunk, the dumb, the lazy, the ignorant; they probably don’t know it, but they are going to make plenty of people laugh for the next three weeks.

Imaan has perfectly manipulated the situation to his benefit; not only is he giving his audience a laugh-‘til-it-hurts show, he’s getting brilliant (and free) material out of idiots in the street. The best video is saved for last, and although it’s clearly an impromptu take it still seems as though the genuine situations in the video were created specifically for Imaan’s benefit. There might be some negatives about being short, but there are some definite benefits to A Little Perspective.


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