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March 31, 2011 / Siobhan Argent

Tommy Little Has No Answers – Tommy Little (comedian)

Published March 2011 by Beat Magazine

Tommy Little – quite literally – has no answers. OK, he might have one response up his sleeve. He wouldn’t mind it if his comedy name was something along the lines of “Tommy Massive-Arms”.

His name seems like born for the energetic atmosphere of stand-up comedy, but it turns out he was just fortunate to have a well-formed moniker for comedy.

Other than his alternate choice of name, Tommy Little quite freely admits that he has no clue – hence why the name of his show is Tommy Little Has No Answers. It covers the life of a comedian being stalked by a panda – as comedians so often are. “As weird as that sounds, it’s weirder than that”, he assures me. “It’s an antidote to shows about how to live your life”. If you come to his show looking for answers, or the happy-ending moral ending of some comedy shows, you’re not going to find it.

Since going professional about a year ago, Little has done well, securing favourable reviews, including a rather glowing one with Beat itself. And after dabbling in radio with the Black Thunder team from Triple M, Little sounds ready to move on to a more independent line of work. It seems like it suits him; when the topic moves on to the nature of comedy, Little succinctly summarises what seems to be a recurring theme in the industry. It sounds like he’s thought it over pretty well.

“Part of a comedian’s job is to question things that go on around you. If you have 200 people in an audience and you haven’t challenged at least some of their views, then you aren’t doing your job.” So while he may not be able to offer answers, he might be able to empathise with any panda-stalking issues you may be experiencing.


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